The Main Branch

(Baghdad Al-Mansour / Al-Amerat St. / SEC 601 - A 11 - H 8)

Al Shorja Branch

Baghdad / Al-Khalifa Street / near the Arab market

Badia branch

Baghdad Serageldin district / m 111 z 13 Al-Andalus building / opposite to the authority

Zayouna branch

Baghdad Al-Rabee ‘Street / opposite Al-Qazzaz Mosque

Adhamiya branch

Baghdad / Omar bin Abdul Aziz Street / near the morning library

Al-Harithiya Branch

Baghdad / Al-Kindi Street / opposite the Baghdad International Fair

Abdul Mohsen Al-Kazemi Branch

Baghdad / Al-Kadhimiya / Abdul-Mohsen Al-Kazemi / near the tax

Al-Mufid Branch

Baghdad / Al-Kadhimiya / Al-Mufid Street

Al-Jamaa District Branch

Baghdad / Al-Jamaa District / M 627 Z 25 D 1 / adjacent to the Authority for Taxes / Behind Malawish Mosque

Al-Khulani Branch

Baghdad / Al-Khilani Square / Al-Sinak

Mansour Branch

Baghdad / Andalus neighborhood / near Al-Khasiky

Hilla Branch

Babil Governorate / Al-Hilla / Al-Tayyara Street, opposite the Civil Defense Center in Al-Tayyara neighborhood / near the new governorate building

Najaf Branch

Najaf Governorate / adjacent to the Faculty of Jurisprudence

Baquba Branch

Diyala Governorate / Baquba / Al-Saray locality / Khreisan Street / Building No. 154/46

Wasit Branch

Wasit Governorate / Al-Kut / adjacent to Wasit Chamber of Commerce

Al Ammara Branch

Maysan Governorate / Al-Hussein District / adjacent to Al-Ammara Chamber of Commerce

Nasiriyah Branch

Dhi Qar Governorate / Nasiriyah Center / Mahah al-Saray / near Dhi Qar Passports Directorate / Building Number 1/139

Basra Branch

Basra Governorate / Minawi Pasha / near Basra Chamber of Commerce

Jubaila Branch

Basra province

Ramadi Branch

Ramadi Governorate / 17th Street / near Al-Qatana Police Station

Samarra Branch

Salah Al-Din Governorate / Samarra District / opposite the old industry and adjacent to Al-Tekia Mosque

Kirkuk Branch

Kirkuk Governorate / The Great Greenhouse / Salah El-Din Street, opposite the old tax building


The Economy Bank for Investment and Finance was established in 1999 with a capital of (200) million Iraqi dinars to contribute to economic development by revitalizing the productive, agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors through the practice of commercial and investment banking and financing activities under the supervision and control of the Central Bank of Iraq through its branches and offices, which exceeded (75) branches and offices inside Iraq.



Mostafa Amer Mohamed- CV