We provide Retail, Corporate, and SME banking services to our customers, including deposit account, loans, bank transfers and more
We offer easy processing, secure transactions and processes, and our goal is customer satisfaction

About the bank

The idea of our bank began with the Vision of our Board of Directors and our shareholders to establish a bank that offers the highest domestic and international standards of banking, with supervisory standards and practices to position ourselves as one of the leading commercial banks in Iraq. We are dedicated to our Vision, and our Core Values where we aim to serve our customers with the highest levels of professionalism, and the maximum levels of flexibility, sustainability, and always ensuring our customer’s satisfaction

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Accounts – Facilities -Treasury Management – Project Finance – Electronic Services – Corporate ATM cards
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Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Loans – Money Transfers – Time Deposit Accounts – Facilities
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Loans - Money Transfers - Saving Accounts For Individuals - Time Deposit Accounts - Current Accounts For Individuals
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Our philosophy

The philosophy of the Economy Bank in this transitional phase is embodied in the relentless pursuit of achieving the highest standards of transparency, disclosure and compliance, preserving the rights of shareholders and depositors, and fulfilling the obligations incurred by the previous management in the first place, in addition to obtaining the rights of the bank.
The commitment and prior planning emanating from our principles and established values stemming from our philosophy has enabled the bank to achieve settlements and satisfaction with (regulatory and government authorities, customers and shareholders of the bank) by adopting balanced and successful financial policies.


We look forward to doing great things with you
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Our future vision

To be the first and best choice to provide advanced and dynamic banking solutions designed to meet the needs of our valued customers with the aim of rebuilding and strengthening citizen confidence in the private banking sector. And to be a leading bank in providing banking and investment services by keeping pace with development and innovation in providing technical services and taking care of customers and serving them through a functional team with experience and high professional competence.


The Economy Bank for Investment and Finance was established in 1999 with a capital of (200) million Iraqi dinars to contribute to economic development by revitalizing the productive, agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors through the practice of commercial and investment banking and financing activities under the supervision and control of the Central Bank of Iraq through its branches and offices, which exceeded (75) branches and offices inside Iraq.



Mostafa Amer Mohamed- CV