Board of Directors

The board responsible for setting and supervising the bank’s business strategy and priorities, in addition to setting workflow policies and frameworks and participating in the committees stipulated in accordance with the institutional governance and organizational structure of the bank with regard to the (non-executive) aspect and the board’s responsibility to shareholders in terms of the bank’s financial and operational performance, capital, and executive management monitoring and follow-up. Its performance and monitoring of performance and financial indicators, which contributes to and increases the investments of shareholders and depositors under prudent and sound management under effective risk management and compliance frameworks, money laundering control and combating terrorist financing.

The meeting of the General Assembly was held on 4/4/2017 in Baghdad – Babylon Hotel – Ishtar Hall, where the members of the Board of Directors were chosen and the capitalization was approved to increase the bank’s capital to become (250) billion Iraqi dinars after it was (207) billion Iraqi dinars, and during The meeting of the bank’s board of directors held on the same date under discussion of the mechanism for increasing the capital and depositing it in cash, approving the organizational structure and the banking system and charters of the committees stipulated in the corporate governance guide, appointing the delegated manager and granting him administrative and financial powers, and assigning the legal department to settle all the legal conditions of the bank and follow up the legal and financial issues that the bank has Or in his favor, work as it is, and pay the amounts of depositors who wish to withdraw, which were lagging due to the previous administration.

Mostafa Amer Mohamed

Position: Chairman of Board of Directors

Mostafa Amer Mohamed- CV


The Economy Bank for Investment and Finance was established in 1999 with a capital of (200) million Iraqi dinars to contribute to economic development by revitalizing the productive, agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors through the practice of commercial and investment banking and financing activities under the supervision and control of the Central Bank of Iraq through its branches and offices, which exceeded (75) branches and offices inside Iraq.